US Newspaper Infrastructure Targeted by Nation State Cyber Attack

Date: 30 Dec 2018 Category : | Author: Graham Penrose

This is an excellent example of what is in the post for the West. The distribution of information is the oxygen of western democracies even though there is the incredible noise that is fake or sanitized news. Less so in the main adversaries of the West in the cyberwar domain – Russia and China. Main stream media outlets will increasingly be targeted causing Westerners to be diverted more and more to “unofficial” and much more malleable information outlets for their news content.

Ian Barwise writes:

“The Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and other major newspapers such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal West Coast printing hub in downtown Los Angeles. The malware targeted the newspaper servers beginning Thursday and it bled over into today (12.29.2018) causing a delay in their print edition newspaper distribution. Subscribers were still able to access digital editions of the newspapers. The malware is thought to be foreign-introduced and was most likely designed to disable infrastructure. Tribune Publishing has released a statement saying that no subscriber personal data was compromised.

“Usually when someone tries to disrupt a significant digital resource like a newspaper, you’re looking at an experienced and sophisticated hacker,” said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a nonprofit public interest research group.

It’s too early for motives, but this could have been retaliation by China or another country for some bad press the targeted newspaper publishing company published.”

Other sources Suspected malware attack prevents distribution of Los Angeles Times newspaper to many subscribers

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