SaltDNA allows important people to privately talk about sensitive matters without needing to be in the same room.

The CommsLock SaltDNA secure enterprise communications solution utilises the latest and most robust open-source encryption protocols available on the market. Many other communication offerings believe that encryption alone is sufficient to secure your communications, at CommsLock SaltDNA we are committed to utilising the latest encryption but also integrated with the highest level of control and management.

The CommsLock SaltDNA’s secure communications offering is agnostic supporting all MDM and EMM solutions and fits perfectly into any mobile security suite. CommsLock also provide flexibility over the method of encryption used in the two layer encryption architecture that we utilise to ensure that we always stay on top of the latest trends and are utilising the most up to date encryption techniques on the market. Over the last three years we have swapped out elements of our encryption algorithms on three occasions to ensure the most robust encryption protocols are securing your communications at all times.


SaltMobile & SaltDesktop Technology

Additional Security / Privacy Functionality

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