Our Cyber Security Consulting Teams provide our customers with a full spectrum Secure Mobile Communications Cyber Defense consulting solution.

Our teams are available to assist our customers in making detailed assessments of the cyber security threat landscape in their mobile communications ecosystem, establish the associated business risk, and make recommendations on how to mitigate the risks. Our cyber security teams assist in hardening the security of our customers mobile communications ecosystems.

Considering the number of employees who now use their mobile devices as the main interface between them and their employers, it has become an exponentially greater risk to business continuity and maintaining brand integrity. Our teams possess deep mobile communications security and counter measures methodology expertise. The expertise of our teams originates from having the benefit of real world, high stress, practical experiences on a global scale on both sides of the threat landscape – offence and defence.

CommsLock supply a suite of secure mobile communications products and mobile security risk mitigation products combined with the highest quality professional services to cater for the rapidly evolving mobile communications sector. Complimenting our mobile threat defense systems, secure communications (voice, text, data, and video), & secured mobile devices our consulting teams have a proven track record of providing support and professional services for cyber-attack assessments and recovery, counter measures, policy development, and compliance.

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