Non Law Enforcement “StingRay” type cellphone-surveillance and cell-site simulators are publicly available and represent a credible “Man-in-the-Middle” (MITM) attack vector.

To counter this threat CommsLock provide:

Cheap DIY IMSI catchers or “StingRay” simulators are available on the Dark Web for purchase. Our detection tools can intercept these intrusion methods, flag the issue, and initiate policy driven counter measures such as instant mobile device log out from company extranets, shutting down of the audio and camera functions, full lockdown of the mobile device, trigger a panic mode and initiate incident response protocols by notifying all affected users in the area of the therat via message broadcast.

The mass message broadcast feature is issued by our Salt IM These message broadcasts specifically tailored with varying alert levels allow IR teams and customer employees to react quickly to an attack or breach in progress and minimize the associated impact. These message braodcasts can also send alerts to central IT to notify of a breach or attack attempt and lockdown internal systems and close all external access points.

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