Secure Message Broadcast for Incident Response Now Available!

Date: 31 Oct 2018 Category : | Author: CommsLock Holdings Limited

CommsLock are proud to announce that the Salt Enterprise 10.1 release includes a highly strategic new feature alongside some very important application improvements across the Salt IM app.

Encrypted Message Broadcasting for Incident Response

Do you need your staff to respond quickly to an emergency? Want to notify all users of the latest company update? This broadcasting and incident response feature will allow a limited number of trusted individuals within an organization to transmit critical time sensitive information to selected specialist groups, dispersed teams allocated to a strategic assignment, geographically dispersed operators in hostile and remote regions, blanket surveillance teams tracking multiple connected targets, or the entire employee headcount of an organization. The message broadcasting feature is a key tool in consistent, rapid, and efficient response by providing all concerned parties with the same required response and information related to a developing situation.

Broadcast messages can be labelled with a specific ‘severity’ level to highlight level of threat, and the need to react and thus clearly instruct the recipients on the required responses and context.

The use cases are broad for this feature across multiple incident types and sectors, some samples:

Improvements have also been made across the iOS and Android clients, allowing more effective notification handling, as well as major bug fixes around message burning, guest invites, duplicate attachments fixes, and functional group chat improvements.

The following are the most notable features and improvements included in the 10.1 release:

Please find attached the latest release notes in the DOWNLOADABLE PDFs section for this update which highlight all of the associated new features, fixes, and improvements associated.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the CommsLock team or specifically our Marketing Communications team on

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