CommsLock SaltDNA offers a solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices.

We have been building secure enterprise mobile communications solutions since 2013. Our products provide secure voice, messaging, conference calling and image/file transfer for busy individuals, who need to make crucial decisions and carry out important conversations while on the move.

Our solutions provide all users with the assurance that all conversations are encrypted end-to-end using the latest encryption technologies meaning you never have to worry about your calls being intercepted or your information being compromised. Privacy, and security is a priority and we understand its importance in the enterprise and to the individual.

CommsLock SaltDNA offers a solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices with full, centralized control for the enterprise.

We understand the security of mobile communications in today’s global business environment is paramount. That’s why our app is built with the features and technology to keep your communications secure and private.

What differentiates the soluction from other communications solutions on the market is the ability for the organisation to ‘control’ their communications. Functionality and encryption is a fundamental aspect of the solution, but the management and control aspect of our offering is what allows the enterprise to utilise the highest level of security possible.

Being able to send sensitive information via message or documents, carry out confidential calls with up to 15 other users, and having the ability to ‘burn’ all content from associated devices, allows users to communicate with the highest level of capabilities and encryption possible.

By wrapping that with the ability to control who accesses the system, who communicates with who within an organisation and how & where metadata is stored and managed provides the top level of security possible for executives who need to communicate sensitive information with colleagues anywhere in the world when they can’t be in the same room as each other.

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Fundamental Features
High Grade Encryption
Peer to Peer Messages
Group Messages
Peer to Peer Calls
Conference CallsYes - Up to 15 usersEncrypted but if a user is added on PSTN call becomes unencryptedYes - Up to 6 users
Message Image Attachments
Message File Attachments
Message Burn/DestroySelf-Destruct & On Demand
Call History Burn/DestroySelf-Destruct & On Demand
Requires Contact AccessNoYesYesYesNoNoYesNoYes
Enterprise Features
Closed User GroupsCentral Admin & ControlUses Open ContactsUses Open ContactsUses Open ContactsUses Open ContactsUses Open ContactsUses Open ContactsCentral Admin & ControlUses Open Contacts
Requires Phone Number for Verification and ContactNoYesYesYesYesYesNo - Requests this informationYesYes
Message Metadata Archival
& Forensic Reporting (Optional)
Message Content Archival
& Forensic Reporting (Optional)
Call Metadata Archival
& Forensic Reporting (Optional)
Call Content Archival
& Reporting
On Prem Installation
Desktop App
Dedicated 24x7 SupportN/A

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