We follow a very specific and proven value added process when customers are evaluating our products and services. We do not offer trials of our secure mobile communications products and apps. We offer Active Demos.

What is an “Active Demo”?

After our customers download and install our apps, our four week Active Demo program is a series of online and interactive discussions (via join.me) following a choreographed and sequential set of activities that ensures customers get to explore the depth and breadth of the features available within our apps. Customers also get to explore the functionality of the administration & management portal that manages the secure mobile communications environment where they can:

  • Create Closed User Groups – Centrally control lines of communication
  • Observe call volume, text volume, user statistics or choose PRIVACY mode where no metadata of this kind is retained
  • Manage Secure Conferencing – Connect up to 15 concurrent encrypted call participants
  • Test Secure File Transfer – Encrypt images and files in transit and at rest on the device
  • Explore the Desktop Application – Cross-platform communication for multiple Operating Systems
  • Exploit Secure Group Chat – Secure group conversations with multiple participants
  • Decide on the Deployment that best fits their needs – SaaS or fully controlled virtualized on premise installation

This thorough evaluation process assists our customers in understanding the use cases for our products and services. In this phase our Cyber Security Consulting teams are also in a position to offer billable professional services in the form of an audit and threat assessment of a customers Secure Communications ecosystem so as to make specific recommendations to fill gaps or close vulnerabilities in their existing secure communications ecosystem.

Our teams thoroughly assess the resilience of existing mission critical systems as they relate to secure mobile communications. During the process our teams will focus on identifying threats, weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities. Our teams will recommend and implement solutions to these identifed gaps in the cybersecurity ecosystem including:

  • Mobile Threat Defense Systems, Secure Communications (voice, text, data, and video)
    and Secured Mobile Devices
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Antivirus Products and Anti-Spyware Tools
  • Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)
  • Application Control and Intrusion Prevention

During this audit and threat assessment phase during the Active Demo our teams will also develop, if requested, the business case for deployment of our solutions, the return on investment, and risk reduction based on the customers risk profile & the security posture that the customer wishes to adopt based on their threat assessment model.

During the Active Demo the customer also establishes whether they will be a SaaS or On-Premise deployment. When we have proven to the customer, during the Active Demo phase, that our solution meets their key business requirement then we move to contract. In some case a Proof of Concept phase is appropriate.

Proof of Concept Phase

Once the Active Demo phase is completed customers are in a position to determine whether our solution is GO or NO-Go for purchase. In the event of a GO – whether as a SaaS or On-Premise deployment customers may choose to pursue our Proof of Concept program (billed professional services and product development).

In this phase customers retain our bespoke software development teams to implement “Additional Features”. These software development services extend the use cases of our secure communications apps for use specifically for that customer.

In this phase customers also retain our bespoke software development teams to develop “User Modifications” to develop exclusive functionality within the secure communications apps catering specifically for their sector and business based on unique use cases.

CommsLock SaltDNA Active Demo Checklist & Evaluation Form

To assist our customers in their assessment of the SaltDNA Salt IM during the “Active Demo” phase we provide the “CommsLock SaltDNA Active Demo Checklist & Evaluation Form”. This form is an invaluable resource for customers in the evaluation stage and allows their test teams to follow a set of choreographed and sequential activities that ensures that they get to explore the depth and breadth of the features available within the app and the administration & management portal.

Customers also get to give a “rating” to the various features which is of great help to our teams who use this tangible feedback from the user base to assist in continuous improvement as well as allowing us to prioritise elements of the development roadmap. Additionally, the customer has the option during this process to request “Additional Features” and/or “User Modifications” to customize the app more specifically to cater for their sector and sector specific use cases.”

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