CommsLock will NOT comply with Australia’s New Backdoor Bill

Date: 19 Dec 2018 Category : | Author: Graham Penrose

The ill-considered and absurd data encryption laws passed last week in Australia represent a contraction in the freedom of speech and right to privacy of an entire continent allegedly governed by and consistent with the democratic model.

An alleged democracy adopting the tactics of autocratic China. Conceived and pursued by unqualified scaremongering politicians it is just another example of the trend in politics where ignorance trumps common sense and human rights.

Enjoy your dystopia Australia. You should be embarrassed.

CommsLock will not supply products or services to the Australian market or supply any company whose parent is located in Australia.

False Trade Descriptions

The thinking is “if you say that a car contains an engine that propels the vehicle in a predictable manner then you can’t expect the purchaser to be happy when they find that in fact the car has no engine” – it’s kind of a trade descriptions thing.

The untrue description of certain goods made in the course of a business is false trade description. The false description of goods can be made directly, indirectly or by implication. When a person makes a false trade description, s/he intends that the product be taken for that of his/her competitors.

So if you are selling secure communications which have been made inherently insecure, if you comply with the legislation, then in fact you are selling insecure communications falsely described as secure communications.

The Australian political class do not seem to understand this.

The fact is – you CANNOT say that secure communications exist in a jurisdiction where multiple third parties can compel the provider of secure communications to make them insecure at their request, under law. And additionally for products provided by CommsLock which contain no ability to provide that backdoor then one is obliged to create the backdoor in order to be compliant with the law of the land. And where that is not possible well then you are left with no choice but to absent yourself from the jurisdiction.

It’s not really a gesture its a naturally occurring side effect of this nonsense. Anyone who tries to rationalise it any other way is in fact making false claims.

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