This CommsLock customer is an established Private Military & Security Company

Headquartered in London and involved in all aspects of the PSC industry, operating in hostile and remote regions globally, with over 500 specialist contractors.

The Specific Challenge

This CommsLock customer was engaged in complex and sensitive tasks in Ukraine including Close Protection assignments for High Net Worth (HNW) clients, the collection of corporate intelligence for a Middle East client, and conducting defensive cyber operations for a utility company.

Selection Criteria

Due to the nature of the assignments and the geopolitical realities in the region but specifically the widespread activity of Russian based offensive-cyber outfits the CommsLock customer required an unassailable means of voice and text communications as well as a method to share important and time sensitive intelligence in the form of images and videos.

Additionally, due to the high risk involved in the taskings an instantaneous method of broadcasting critical alerts was a “must-have” and central to their approach to timely incident response.

The Solution & The Trial

The company deployed the system across a mix of iOS, Windows, and Android devices as well as several bespoke platforms including the Kaymera Secured Device and the BlackPhone BP2.

The customer operatives were dispersed in cities and towns in Eastern and Western Ukraine with co-ordination and monitoring centres based in the Netherlands and France. Several of the customers HNW clients also chose to adopt the solution.

In total seventy customer users adopted the CommsLock SaltDNA Secure Communications system for operations in Ukraine. Each user was segmented by tasking and team and organized in closed circles (groups), managed using the CommsLock SaltDNA Portal.

Several administrator users had visibility across the entire user base to monitor activity and address any issues.

The Feedback

The solution was an instanteous success for this customer and plans are being made for an On-Premise deployment to rollout the CommsLock solution across all regions in which the customer operates.

In addition the customer has introduced a Standard Operating Procedure whereby all existing and new customer clients adopt the CommsLock solution for communications with the CommsLock customer.

This is facilitated by a pool of floating licenses activated and de-activated as client taskings are completed and new taskings commence.

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