CommsLock (since 2014) is a spin-off from three national security programs that ran in South East Asia from 2012 to 2014.

These programs were tasked with the development of a suite of Cyber Security Counter Measures and an arsenal of Offensive Cyberwarfare tools that included full spectrum Command & Control Malware and Spyware, malicious scripts, reverse engineering taskings, and the development of sophisticated infiltration methods and tactics – for mass scale or pinpoint deployment. We came to market in mid 2017 after 36 months of research, product development, penetration testing, peer reviews, and strategic partner evaluation and selection.

We have generated a high degree of positive sentiment since our launch. We are actively engaged with customers in EMEA, Asia-Pac, the Americas, and Central Asia representing Fortune 500 companies, several sovereign nation law enforcement and intelligence agencies, large corporates, NGOs, technology firms, and specialised security firms. This bears witness to the global appeal of our unique and reliable products and services and the strength in depth of our capabilities.

What We Do

CommsLock provide the most sophisticated mobile communication and cyber defense systems to protect organizations, governments, and individuals from all mobile security threats. CommsLock are a supplier of mobile security risk mitigation products and professional services for the rapidly evolving secure communications sector including mobile threat defense systems, secure communications (voice, text, data, and video), & secured mobile devices with optional on-premises implementations or seat based licensing. CommsLock have a proven track record of providing support and professional services for cyber-attack assessments and recovery, counter measures, policy development, and compliance.

Our People

The CommsLock leadership team have long been innovators in the Information Technology sector. Our staff have held strategic roles in the Defence, Private Security, Financial Services, Utilities, Energy Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, and Sensitive Procurement sectors. In these roles the deployment of secure communications, secure infrastructure, and eavesdropping counter measures were central to the safety of team members, the protection of highly sensitive information, securing intellectual property, business continuity planning, crisis management, risk mitigation, and the execution of complex assignments in sometimes hostile and remote environments.

Our team possess the benefit of having practical experiences on a global scale on both sides of the threat landscape – offence and defence. These experiences have informed our approach to developing “best of breed” products, services, and solutions to cater for a fluid and rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape. Our extended staff are experienced operators who help to continue to evolve our offerings in partnership with market leaders in niche sectors across the cyber security ecosystem to augment our core skills and the value propositions we provide to our customers.

Our Partners

CommsLock is partnered with Salt DNA and Kaymera Technologies and is engaged in ongoing R&D that is pushing the envelope of what is possible in the secure communications space.

Global Coverage

The company is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands with offices in London and Dublin, and branch representation in Madrid, Bucharest, Kyiv, Dubai, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Abuja, Nairobi, and Dakar. We serve multiple industries with particular focus on the following sectors where our staff possess deep subject matter expertise:


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